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Kenney "BigSkinny" Pope

Food Enthusiast
Owner of The PodShack Studio Fort Worth TX

Welcome to my site, Bigskinny's Backyard Cooking.

I am a former Radio personality from Fort Worth, TX turned podcaster and Youtube video creator. I am a lifelong foodie. The one thing I love more than eating is cooking. I would love to share my recipes and cooking techniques with you. Which include, Dutch Oven, campfire, grilling and smoking.

 I hope you enjoy the info as much as I like creating and sharing it with you. If you have any suggestions or recipe ideas please share them with us via our email. Our recipes are simply guidepost for you to use and add to as you see fit. We are located in Fort Worth TX and are happy to share some Texas cooking methods and recipes.  Get outside and have some fun creating your perfect meal "Getcha Some" 



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Ancho Marmalade Glazed Ribs

Lip "Smackin" Ribs 

Tune in to my Youtube channel for great outdoor cooking recipes like this one 

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